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Can you help me locate Bob & Margie Garden with whom I worked at Fort Peck in 1957, please? They lived in Wolf Point at that time. -- Peter O'Driscoll
1166 Richardson Ave.
Los Altos, CA 94024 (7/2/05)

To All the friend of Wolf Point Montana.-- Hello, I was a exchange student Akiyoshi Kojima. I used to live in Wolf point between 1995-1996. My e-mail address was changed. I hope to visit Wolf Point again. All the BEST to Wolf Point. Akiyoshi Kojima (7/2/05)

My mother, Bernice Michaelson, was born in Wolf Point in 1917. Our family’s homestead was started around the turn of the century. Most of the family moved on to the Seattle area in the ‘20s, but my mother’s uncles stayed behind and farmed until the late ‘50s. Does anyone remember the family in general and in particular Ben or Martin Michaelson? If so, would you let me know? I live in Florida, and am passing through Wolf Point this summer on my way to Seattle. When I was young we would visit the homestead, and I am curious as to exactly where it is and who now owns it. If anyone has any info please email me at Thank you.

My name is Jesse Hoffman and I used to live in Wolf Point but I moved to WA when I was 6. I still visit Wolf Point every summer though.

Information Sought - I'm trying to find any information about how and when my grandfather, Carl Barry, died. I've been told he was killed in a tractor accident out in a field in rural Poplar between 1952 and 1954. I've also been told I still have quite a few relatives in the Poplar area, including an aunt by the name of Pearl Hopkins - my mother's name is Luana Longee and my grandmother's name is Rebecca Buckles. If you can help me with any information, in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Julie Ashue

Hello - My name is Ray Brown and I am enrolled at Fort Peck. My father (Bill Brown) was born at Poplar to Jenette (Whitwright) Brown. Also, my grandmother said we had a Virginia Olive Blount somewhere in our family tree. As far as I know, the whole family (dad had two brothers) left Montana in the 30's. Although I have felt a strong pull to go to the Fort Peck area I have never been there. I think the chances are good I have some relatives still living in the area. Either from the Brown or Whitwright sides of the family. I would love to hear from them. As a matter of fact I would enjoy hearing from anyone from the Fort Peck area. Thank you for the opportunity to leave this message. -- Ray

I was so excited today when I was surfing the web and found this page. I spent a couple summers in Wolf Point and immediately fell in love. It was culture shock to return home to the Detroit area!!! I can't wait to return and hope to soon bring hubby back. Your site was great but I think you should add some pictures of different places and things from the area. I think it will really interest all who see the site! -- Great Job, Kelly (Hibbs) Milano

I am searching for the relatives of Bessie Reddog. If you know them and can get me in touch, I would greatly appreciate it. If you have any info please email me at -- Denise Barnett

Hello- My Name is Todd Foster, My father's name is Prentiss Foster, as was his father's. I am looking for factual stories about either. All I know is that my dad graduated from Wolf Point High, I have no clue what year but my best guess is 1962 or around there. If any one knows any stories they can send them to me. Thanks in advance.

I was surfing the Web the other night and was thrilled to see a Wolf Point home page with e-mail addresses of a few people I still remember from the remote past. I was a U.S. Public Health Service doctor assigned to Wolf Point from 1972-5 and at that time was the only physician at the Indian Health Service Clinic. I was back for 2 weeks in 1986 and saw a few old friends then. The town doctors in those days were Knapp, Borge, Listerud, and Mattley and I know they are now all in greener pastures or heavenly abodes. I later made a career of the Public Health Service and am now an occupational medicine consultant for Federal government and live in Washington, DC. I will always have a great fondness for Wolf Point. I arrived fresh from New York City, my home town, and felt like something akin to a space alien when I arrived in northeast Montana. Over my three years there, the warmth of the people and the uniqueness of the land completely won me over. I would be delighted to exchange messages with anyone who might remember me. --
Fondly, Neal Presant

Just thought to stop by and say that it is good! I am glad that all at Wolf point have a place to make a point. I am Loren Cook. Looking for my grandpa FastHorse. Haven't heard or seen him for along time, and would love to find out what's happened to him. Also trying to get ahold of SINBAD!! If anyone knows of the two relatives of mine then please let them know of my inquiry. My e-mail is Well, I hope to hear from them. All my relations - your grandson.

Howdy,   It's great page to follow. Most of the time I get information from my folks. But they are on the road a lot.  1977 graduate from WPHS live in Oregon now E-mail is -- Genell R. Grow

Does anyone in Wolf Point remember Dr. Dwan who died in about 1932? He had two children, Patricia and a son, whose mother had died about four years earlier. I'd like to help research family history for Patricia. -- Rae Ann Hopkins Berry

I would like to know how I go about finding my family. My father is Victor Kenneth Walking Eagle. I am his first-born. My name is Marie and I am 28 years old. If anyone has information on my family please email me

I lived in Wolf Point in 1953-53 and would have been in the class of 1956. Anyone remember me? -- James (Jim) Humphrey

Hello. -- The Dolin family, owned & operated the HERALD NEWS during the 1940's. I am his granddaughter. I would love to hear from anyone that might have known him. Sheron Long

Dear Wolf Point Montana

My name is Richard Turner, a resident of Washington State. My sister was born in your fair city in 1920. Her birth certificate is signed by a Doctor J. C. DeWane. I have a photograph taken of our father while a clerk in Kelly's Hardware store which was taken as near as i can guess...between 1919 and 1922. How long my parents lived there is unknown, or how they came to live there is also a mystery.

I'm not asking for any help in completing any blank spots in our family history, rather I am informing you of the facts as I know them.

My Email is in case anyone wants to contact me or my sister.

Thank you for creating your website, as my sister is absolutely thrilled by my discovering that her birthplace is more than a tiny dot on a large map of Montana. -- Richard Turner

I was searching the internet and found your web site. Good Job, it is one of the best I have found for any town. I am a former resident of Wolf Point. After living in Montana for 13 years and moving back to Iowa, I sure miss that wonderful place.

Hi from Richard, Margaret, Ted and Becky Witt.

Richard and Margaret Witt
1207 1st Street S E
Oelwein< Iowa 50662

You can E-Mail Ted at twitt@paulist.Org .
You can E-Mail Becky at

Please put us on your former resident list is would be great to hear from anyone from there. -- Rich

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